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The Body Niche is a small business that makes handmade health and wellness products for bodywork professionals and the general public. We use all natural ingredients to make all of our products! Our product line includes Magnesium Cream for pain, Victory Pain Relieving Balm, TeaLaVera Skin Therapy Gel, and more!

Customer Testimonies

Magnesium Cream:

For as long as I can remember I have suffered with chronic pain, headaches/migraines, and extreme muscle spasms and only recently have I been diagnosed with Migraine Myalgia which was summarized by my doctor as not all migraines have standard symptoms, for some people like me a migraine can come as spinal nerve pain and insane muscle spasms.

After trying countless medications I finally found a tablet that corrects the nerve pain but nothing has fixed or controlled my muscle spasms until I was introduced to Body Niche’s Magnesium cream.

At first I would apply it if and when I remember that I had it and then one day I had the start of a horrid migraine, my neck and shoulders had locked in a spasm and no pain tablet could stop it until I applied the cream, now I don’t leave the house without it. Body Niche’s Magnesium cream is my miracle. Within 5 minutes of applying it a twitching muscle spasm slows and relaxed, a headache calms and sleep becomes a reality.

For anyone with muscle spasms or chronic pain I highly recommend it.”

Amielle Fischli-Blake, Nashville, TN


I'm so glad I checked your website....I'­ve been away from it so long!  When I saw that you had made the magnesium creme I was so excited...I have been using mag­nesium oil on myself and in my practice to help relax muscle­s....I like both but I really have enjoy­ed using the creme..­.Its a little easier than just the oil.

I use it every night to massage my feet and calf muscles. I don't have restless leg syndrome but do sometimes have uncom­fortable feelings in my legs and feet if I've had a long day. It has made a diff­erence in my sleep. I also use it on my lower back when I'm hurting.

I've started using it in my massage practice for people who have tro­uble relaxing or who have muscles that just don't want to "l­et go". I love the new formula! It provides glide but it's not as slick as the other formul­a...I like both but the new formula is perfect for using for body work! We'll be ordering some here soon because we use it almost exclusively now!!! Everyone li­kes what it does for their session too..­.. They say it does relax them and it se­ems to last longer..­.. Great all the way around!

Becky Ritch, McMinnville, TN


I was having knee pain on a regular basis and my mom recommended I use Body Niche's Magnesium Cream. Wow, what a relief! After just a few days of using the magnesium cream, the pain in my knee had diminished greatly! It's been over a month and I hardly think about knee pain now! I don't want to be without this product and will be re-ordering on a regular basis!

Lesa Kupchik., Franklin, TN 



My name is Dr. Hunter Evans. I am a Chiropractor, and I’m always excited to try new natural products. I was introduced to the TeaLaVera Skin Therapy Gel by a patient. I had been complaining about my poison ivy on my knee, and she said, “I have just the cure.”  I was on the verge of thinking about amputation of the leg, due to terrible itching. I was ready to try anything. My patient gave me a sample and I started to apply it, that day. I was blown away at how fast it worked to dry up and free me of the terrible irritation. I have tried everything in the past, and nothing has ever worked this GOOD! It only took about 1 week to rid my leg of the rash. It would usually take at least 3 weeks, with other creams and medications. I am sold for life. I am an avid outdoorsman, and I come in contact with poison ivy and oak several times per year.

With the success I had with the TeaLaVera, I was excited to use the other products offered by Body Niche. I have since fallen in love with the Perfect Clarity Bar, and wash with it every day. I really like the clean feel, and the smell of the soap. I can also tell a big difference in the reduction of acne and other irritations that I usually get on my skin. Thanks Body Niche!

Dr. Hunter Evans, DC
Franklin, TN

Several months ago I was introduced to Body Niche’s wonderful products, more specifically, TeaLaVera Skin Therapy Gel and Perfect Clarity Soap.  I originally purchased TeaLaVera to remedy some eczema that had developed on my right wrist.  The healing fragrance and properties of the gel immediately were able to soothe both my soul as well as my skin.  Within hours, the redness, dryness and rash-like appearance had significantly diminished and by the next day, it had all but disappeared.  

Several days later, my husband, a chef, came home to tell me of a very troublesome skin condition (itchy, red, cluster-like patches) that appeared on a good part of both his lower legs.  I immediately treated him with TeaLaVera and instructed him to repeat the process daily…. again, almost overnight…. his condition improved tremendously.  The itchiness, redness and blistering had abated.  As a precaution, however, we followed-up with Jeff’s dermatologist several days later.  Upon meeting with his doctor’s Nurse Practitioner, she diagnosed his skin problem as a fungus-like dermatitis that had more than likely, originally occurred because he is constantly around water and he continued to wear wet socks and shoes causing moisture to penetrate and allow this to develop as it had.  Jeff’s scratching had further exacerbated the condition and some infection began to spread onto both legs. When I told her that we had treated him with TeaLaVera, and showed her the product, she concurred that it was an excellent remedy and surely expedited the healing process!  Jeff’s skin condition has now completely disappeared!

Additionally, as I have been prone to bouts with adult acne, I purchased Perfect Clarity Soap.  I have been using it daily on both face and body and have noticed a lessening of the skin eruptions that often result from acne.  Concomitantly, my skin is brighter, smoother and more balanced.  The purity of its ingredients, and clean, refreshing scent, now make it an essential part of my daily cleansing routine!!

In summation, I have found the superior quality, cost-effectiveness and results-oriented products in Body Niche’s line of skin care items to be a “breath of fresh air” in a marketplace full of expensive products that seldom perform even marginally as advertised, thereby leaving the consumer disappointed and penniless!

Margaret Valenti, Franklin, TN

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