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The Body Niche is a small business that makes handmade health and wellness products for bodywork professionals and the general public. We use all natural ingredients to make all of our products! Our product line includes Magnesium Cream for pain, Victory Pain Relieving Balm, TeaLaVera Skin Therapy Gel, and more!

Essential Oil Blends:

We use only 100% pure, therapeutic essential oils in all of our unique blends!

Breathe Easy Blend: a respiratory blend of Eucalyptus, Lemon, Lavender, and Peppermint Essential oils to help you breathe easier.

Christmas Joy Blend: an aromatic, healthy blend of Frankincense, Sweet Orange, Cinnamon, and Pine essential oils that tap into the happiness, joy, and scents associated with the holiday season. It's called Christmas Joy, but is great for diffusing anytime of the year!

Defend Blend: a blend of Clove Bud, Lemon, Cinnamon Bark, Eucalyptus, and Rosemary that help eliminate and control pathogens to defend and protect immune function. Similar to DoTerra's On-Guard and Young Living's Thieves.

Energize Blend: a blend of Lemon, Sweet Orange, Peppermint, and Clary Sage to help restore mental alertness and boost energy.

Focus Blend: a blend created specifically for ADD and ADHD to help bring focus and clarity. It consists of Pink Grapefruit, Cedarwood, Bergamot, Lavender, Marjoram, Frankincense, Sandalwood, & Vetiver.

Freedom Blend: a blend of Lavender, Eucalyptus, and Peppermint to help free your mind AND your sinuses!

Inspire Blend: a blend of Sweet Orange, Lemon, Tangerine, Grapefruit, and Basil that helps bring about feelings of enthusiasm, creativity, & joy.

Invigorate Blend: a blend of Eucalyptus, Scotch Pine, Rosemary, and Wintergreen that helps invigorate, stimulate, refresh, and revive mind & body.

Protect Blend: a blend of Eucalyptus, Cajeput, Clove Bud, and Pine to help protect from & ward off cold and flu viruses.

Regulate Blend: a blend of Lavender, Geranium, Clary Sage, and Fennel that helps regulate hormonal imbalance due to PMS or menopause.

Relinquish Blend: a blend of Frankincense, Lavender, and Peppermint that helps relinquish the pain in joints, muscles, and headaches.

Sinusitis Soother Blend: a blend of Benzoin, Rosemary, Eucalyptus, and Peppermint that helps clear and soothe the nasal passages.

Sweet Sleep Blend: a blend of Lavender, Tangerine, Vetiver, and Marjoram to help you drift off more easily and stay asleep longer.

Tranquillity Blend: a blend of Lavender, Frankincense, and Bergamot to help relieve stress.

 Handmade Soaps For Face & Body:

DermaClean Soap:  This soap contains a blend of 100% Pure Lavender, Geranium, and Lemon Eucalyptus essential oils. These oils combine to make a fresh lemony scent and are excellent for the skin. The zinc oxide in these products helps heal acne and other skin problems. This scent is in our DermaClean Soap and our DermaCreme skin care treatment. Together they make for healthier and happier skin!

Perfect Clarity Soap: This soap contains a blend of 100% pure Benzoin, Rosemary, Eucalyptus, and Peppermint essential oils. This blend of essential oils help fight infection and smells extremely clean and crisp making it a great soap for face and body, especially beneficial for treating acne!

Scents for the Body:

Eucalyptus:  A very spa-like aroma! It's like walking into the steam room at high end spas where the scent of eucalyptus surrounds you. Scented with 100% pure Eucalyptus Essential Oil.

Harmony: A combination of 10 essential oils that blend harmoniously together to create a sensual aroma for both men and women. Top notes of lavender, lime and peppermint. Middle notes of geranium, marjoram, fennel, clove, and rosemary. And bottom notes of patchouli and benzoin. 

Heavenly: Geranium, fennel, rosemary, grapefruit, and bergamot combine to make this “heavenly” aroma! Contains essential oils that help tighten skin and help with cellulite.

Lavender: Just the pure essential oil of lavender to calm and relax. 

Lemongrass: Pure lemongrass essential oil to revitalize your tired body and mind.

Pink Grapefruit: Just as it sounds...fresh, crisp, and uplifting Pink Grapefruit essential oil!

Protect: A blend of 100% pure Eucalyptus, Cajeput, Clove, and Pine essential oils. This blend was created for it's ability to fight and kill cold & flu viruses. It is available in our 100% pure essential oil blend, Pre-Diluted essential oil roll-ons, Disinfecting Room Spray, and our effective Protect Cold & Flu Salve.

Relinquish: Contains the pure essential oils of frankincense, lavender, and peppermint to help relieve painful joints, muscles and headaches.

Spearmint-Eucalyptus: a lively scent which includes oils of spearmint, eucalyptus, and a touch of lemon. This scent is one that puts a smile on your face when you smell it!

Trinity Stress Relief:  Contains the pure essential oils of lavender, eucalyptus, and peppermint. The scent alone will help melt away stress!



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