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The Body Niche is a small business that makes handmade health and wellness products for bodywork professionals and the general public. We use all natural ingredients to make all of our products! Our product line includes Magnesium Cream for pain, Victory Pain Relieving Balm, TeaLaVera Skin Therapy Gel, and more!

Wholesale Starter Packs

Each Starter Pack contains full-size products. The scents of each body or soap product in the Starter Packs will vary, but we will make sure we put as many of our artistic blends in each pack as possible. Only one Starter Pack per category can be ordered per qualifying retail outlet.


Health & Wellness Starter Pack - $68.00 (plus shipping)

  1. TeaLaVera Skin Therapy Gel 2 oz. (retail $6)
  2. 5 oz. bar of Organic Coconut Oil Soap ($6)
  3. Face Serum (retail $21)
  4. Facial Cleansing Wipes (retail $8)
  5. Night Renewal Cream (retail $25)
  6. Mosquito Bandito Insect Repellent 2 oz. (retail $5)
  7. Victory Pain Gel 4 oz. (retail $12)
  8. Victory Pain Balm 2 oz. (retail $15)
  9. All Natural Cold & Flu Salve 4 oz. (retail $14)

Body Starter Pack - $55.00 (plus shipping)

  1. Body Lotion 8 oz. (retail $15)
  2. Body Oil 8 oz. (retail $15)
  3. Body Butter 4 oz. (retail $15)
  4. Body Cream 4 oz. (retail $15)
  5. Lip Therapy .15 oz. (retail $5)
  6. Sun Lotion 5 oz. (retail $15)
  7. Shampoo Bar (retail $5)
  8. Herbal Vinegar Conditioner 2 oz. (retail $6)

Baby Care Starter Pack - $40.00 (plus shipping)

  1. Baby Lotion 4.5 oz. (retail $10)
  2. Baby Oil 8 oz. (retail $15)
  3. Baby Cream 4 oz. (retail $15)
  4. Belly Butter 4 oz. (retail $15)
  5. Baby Skin Balm 1.75 oz. (retail $8)     
  6. Coconut Milk Baby Soap 2 oz. fun shape bar (retail $5)

Men's Starter Pack - $37.00 (plus shipping)

  1. Men's Lotion 8 oz. (retail $15)
  2. Shaving Gel 4.5 oz. (retail $9)
  3. Beard Oil (retail $10)
  4. Shaving Soap (retail $7)
  5. Beer, Egg, & Honey Shampoo Bar (retail $5)
  6. Fortified Herbal Hair Gel 4.5 oz. (retail $15)

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